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Current Refinery Operating Status

The refinery is operating normally at this time.

Refinery Area 2 Seep

Refinery Area 2 Seep

On Wednesday April 21, 2010, an indeterminate amount of liquid hydrocarbon material was detected by Chevron personnel in a gravel trench along a CP rail right-of- way, adjacent to the refinery’s Area 2 processing section.

The material found was not the result of a sudden rupture or failure of equipment. The seepage is the result of an historic accumulation and subsequent subsurface off-site migration of the hydrocarbon material through the ground over a period of time.

The refinery has had a perimeter groundwater-monitoring program in place in this area of the facility since 2004.  The network of monitoring wells near this specific area of the refinery site was intensified in 2009.

Activities to respond to this seepage have been underway since its discovery.

Chevron has engaged subject matter experts both internally and externally to assist us in identifying subsurface hydrology and flow paths in this area and to assist in our interception and recovery efforts.

In addition, we have been working with oversight by designated regulatory authorities as we continue our efforts to address identified contributing sources to the seep, contain and recover the material, prevent further migration from the property and protect the local environment.

Regulatory Update Reports

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